Harold T'Kint


1910 - 1994
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    • Surfaces rouges et ocres
  • Gaston BERTRAND 1910 - 1994

    Gaston Bertrand is a belgian painter, draftsman and printmaker.
    Born in Wonck-sur-Geer from a Dutch mother and a Belgian father.
    He learned the basics of drawing during evening classes at the Ecole Saint-Luc in Brussels (1927-1931) and, from 1933, followed classes at the Academy of Brussels (classes given by Henri Van Haelen en Anto Carte), then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Josse-ten-Node (1932-1937, classes given by Henry Ottevaere and G.
    There he became friends with Anne Bonnet and Louis van Lint.
    All three are involved in 1938 in the "Art Jeune" exhibition organized by Charles Pry at the Atrium Gallery.
    In 1937, Gaston Bertrand received the third award of the « Prix de Rome » which akkowed him to spent a month in Paris the following year.
    He is the cofounder of the group "Apport" which he attends regularly.
    In May 1942, during his first solo exhibition, he presents works that reflect his commitment to originality and creativity.
    In 1944, 1946 and 1949, the Apollo Gallery organises a monographic exhibition with his works.
    Founding member of the Young Belgian Painters Group in July 1945 (at his side, among others, Anne Bonnet, Louis Van Lint, Jo Delahaut, Marc Mendelson, Rene Barbaix, etc..), he participated in all exhibitions of the group.
    After starting with a more classic approach, he begins a slow process of leaving the reality aside to keep only the essential. A few meaningful, simple and fine lines, associated with large coloured areas (oil painting or watercolor).
    Each of the works seems to be an architectural composition.
    In 1987 he was elected member of the Class of Fine Arts of the Royal Academy of Belgium.
    1989, the Gaston Bertrand Foundation was created to ensure the promotion and preservation of his works.
    In 1994, this major figure of the Belgian art disappears.